QLC® products

We know that every pizzeria is different. With nine different products, you’re sure to find the right QLC for your specific needs.

Shred options:

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    Artisan Shred

    • This QLC exclusive cut is wider and provides full cheese coverage and robust melt and stretch. Looks authentically hand-shredded.
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    Feather Shred

    • Robust performance across a variety of food platforms
    • More surface area allows for faster melt
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    • Most consistent application volume when using portion cups
    • Easily spread on pizzas for faster back-of-house operations
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    Short Shred

    • Best combination of coverage and portioning
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    Long Thin Shred

    • Good coverage and melt properties on a variety of food platforms (pizza, sandwiches, salads)
Cut Type Milk Type Leprino Product Code Case Weight
Shelf Life
Artisan Shred Whole Milk 567795 15 365 days frozen
14 days upon thaw
Feather Shred Part SkimWhole Milk 567628567061 2020
Diced Part SkimWhole Milk 661010561045 1515
Short Shred Part SkimWhole Milk 665539565071 1515
Long Thin Shred Part SkimWhole Milk 667013567046 1515